Monday, August 17, 2009

leading multidisciplinary research on basic and applied problems

Since the organization of our center focuses on modern means of communication, which is the development of the scientific process. For this structure exists in our department of scientific and technical information and software. Staff members organize information support of research colleagues, conferences, contests, promote the exchange of information, are the mathematical processing research, the library opened.

Colleagues form the basis of literature and statistical data on the physiology of adaptation and social and environmental aspects of human life in the north, are preparing an assessment of research and patents involved in the conduct of research in the field of mathematical modeling and forecasting. The center operates postgraduate studies. As part of the jointly developed with academic departments give lectures and conduct special courses, run by the practice of students and diplomas.

MNITS "Arctic" Russian Academy of Sciences is the only research organization in the North-East of Russia, the leading multidisciplinary research on basic and applied problems of adaptation and ecological physiology of man.

Prospects and confidence gives scientists one of the last statements, talking Prime Minister of Russia Vladimir Putin, it relates to the opening in the Russian universities and research institutions of small businesses, which will focus on innovation and the introduction of fundamental developments in scientific practice. All of this in its assets are scholars of international scientific research center "Arctic."


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