Monday, August 17, 2009

Get a certificate

Few people are aware that the introduction of the diet of people in a new food additive - it is a very, very difficult. Before we get into the human stomach, each agent passes the multi-toxicological and hygiene inspection. Only in the event of their success is a long process of certification. It starts at the Joint Committee of Experts of the International Agriculture Organization of JECFA. It is here that approves or rejects the proposal «candidacy». If the newly food additive honorably stood all tests and was allowed to use, it waits for the next phase - defining the permissible daily dose - the quantity of the substance per kilogram of body weight, which can be consumed daily throughout life without risk to health. In calculating this value using a so-called safety factor, which is usually equal to one hundred. This means that the allowable daily amount of preservative should be a hundred times less than the minimum current dose. These precautions have proved that the approval of new food components, scientists, physicians and toxicologists are the very responsibly.


  1. Hypothyroidism: Commentary. Wonderful, useful, and most importantly, absolutely harmless salad.

  2. Yeast Infection : When excessive usage violates the metabolism (due to excess sugar), synthetic dyes often cause allergies, and carbon dioxide (bubbles) - increase the acidity of gastric juice, which leads to gastritis.