Wednesday, August 12, 2009

hoping that life itself will be spared

Hypothyroidism Treatment : "Oh, I must have the operation!" she exclaimed, alarmed and indignant that I might try to forestall it.
Similarly on another occasion when I was examining the dowager of a distinguished old family, I expressed astonishment at the number of surgical scars which crisscrossed her abdomen like the lines on the map of Europe. She took my comment for a compliment, and enumerated her operations with pleasure, labeling each scar with the name of one or another eminent surgeon and the enormous fee that went with each. She had forfeited to the scalpel every organ that it is possible to live without.
Menninger interprets this repeated submission to the surgeon's knife as an expression of unconscious guilt. The sufferer, anticipating punish­ment for his unknown crime, repeatedly offers a part of his body in expiation, hoping that life itself will be spared to him. After the opera­tion, Menninger points out, there is a marked period of relief and well-being, as though the criminal were enjoying a reprieve. Whatever the unconscious reasons may be, it is certain that the almost aggressive demand for surgery is a symptom of the self-destructive force on the rampage.
Sometimes we do emerge from the hospital with a serious problem solved or a needed adjustment made. How much better, if we can, to attack the problem and make the adjustment without sacrificing an organ in the struggle!


  1. Doctors bow to it when they say, in a crisis of illness, "We have done all we can — now it is up to the patient," and summon a wife or child or mother to the dying man's bedside to rouse him to a last effort.

  2. Miracles of healing have been done by faith. In every physician's experience there are extraordinary re­coveries — and heartbreaking, inexplicable failures — that cannot be ac­counted for by purely biological science.

  3. Anxiety can be so intense as to make us forget our own phone number or one that we know as well as our own.

  4. Hypothyroidism: For the prevention of diseases of the thyroid gland is useful to drink a drink of figs. We take three dried figs, pour a glass of boiled water, 30 minutes and drink. And so do every morning.

  5. Yeast Infection : As a result, FDA named one of the most dangerous microbial provocateurs salmonella. Thus, in 27% of potato poisoning is to blame for this bacterium. Interestingly, the favorite "treats" Salmonella - peanuts and peanut butter - do not fall into the top ten dangerous products, yielding a more dangerous position, in the opinion of specialists, cheese and tomatoes with oysters, which since 1990 has poisoned thousands of Americans.