Wednesday, August 12, 2009

devoting our­selves exclusively to the physical symptoms

Hypothyroidism Treatment : But as Roessle point out, even when a person of advanced age dies of an infection, such as pneumonia, allowance must be made for his lowered resistance because of age, and the infection should not be re­garded as the cause of death no matter what the doctor's certificate may
To prolong life, therefore, we ought to regard the whole person, his interest in living and his adjustment to life, instead of devoting our­selves exclusively to his physical symptoms. Indeed, in the new science of geriatrics, many of the traditional complaints of old people have been found to disappear when social activities, interests, and a gen­erally happier adjustment could be provided.
Carrying the Roessle findings in longevity a step further, we may say that the individual whose tissues wear out at a harmonious rate is one whose destructive drive does not take a toll of one or another organ of his body. The adaptable individual may be one whose acceptance of life makes him willing and able to adjust himself to the changing, and often none too favorable, conditions of life. One who fails to adapt himself is following a destructive trend.


  1. We agreed that another specialist should be consulted. The patient was outwardly cooperative but it was soon evident that she was fight­ing a stubborn battle for delay. When the consultant was at last able
    lo examine her, we had X-ray and other physical proof that the tide hail in fact begun to turn.

  2. Against all odds and all predictions, the hitherto precipitous course of destruction had come to a standstill. The final objective proof came when I he sputum repeatedly failed to show tubercular bacilli. The operation which had been so urgent was now indefinitely postponed.

  3. With the first warm days of spring a new problem arose. The young woman became uneasy at the prospect of a summer in New York's humid ln-at. I proposed Saranac Lake. She feared a change in treatment might jeopardize her progress

  4. Hypothyroidism: Commentary. Figs contain a lot of potassium and a salutary influence on the heart. But as regards thyroid treatment, then this recipe is unlikely to be effective.

  5. Yeast Infection : Overall, the share of products of the top ten list of dangerous have at least 40% of all outbreaks of food poisoning in the United States over the past 20 years. In this case the doctors and officials, paradoxically, today it is concerned about the low percentage of food poisoning. The fact that such a situation lulls the vigilance as food producers, who neglected to correct processing of products, as well as ordinary consumers. Regarding the latter, according to statistics, over the past 10 years, Americans have 25% less likely to have to wash their hands before eating.